Electronic intelligence versus human intelligence

The decision as to which of the desirable characteristics can be safely compromised, and to what extent, is based on the frequency range of interest and also on the specific ELINT target under consideration.

Nature solved this search problem by brute force, effectively performing a huge computation involving trillions of evolving agents of varying information processing capability in a complex environment the Earth.

Signals intelligence and measurement and signature intelligence MASINT are closely, and sometimes confusingly, related. We are learning how to tune deep neural nets using large samples of training data, but the resulting structures are mysterious to us.

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Electronic Intelligence Versus Human Intelligence It seems that nowadays people pay too much attention to technological advancements that promote information and interpersonal communication. Even though technology helps people overcome the obstacles of time and space, it cannot tap into human emotional field.

Information requested, transmitted or about to be transmitted which should not be passed on the subject circuit because it either requires greater security protection or it is not appropriate to the purpose for which the circuit is provided.

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A survey of expert opinion. The neural networks researcher and physicist Michael Nielsen puts it this way: Role in air warfare[ edit ] A very common area of ELINT is intercepting radars and learning their locations and operating procedures.

List of intelligence gathering disciplines

Defense Systems Update Sign up for our newsletter. Traffic analysis is the discipline of drawing patterns from information flow among a set of senders and receivers, whether those senders and receivers are designated by location determined through direction findingby addressee and sender identifications in the message, or even MASINT techniques for "fingerprinting" transmitters or operators.

In fact, the Growler is being outfitted with sensors that can intercept frequencies from radars or even cell phones. Just as a flashlight radiates a beam of light observable to the human eye, electronic devices emit or radiate non-visible, non-audible radiations which are detectable and recordable, using electronic devices just as the human ear hears sound.

The US Joint Chiefs of Staff defines it as "Technical information and intelligence derived from foreign communications by other than the intended recipients". How to further develop the information and to apply it in real lives are the main concerns that need human inputs.

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Operatives can press their informants for reliable information, and agents have the advantage that they are intimately involved in the context in which the intel is yielded. There are, however, unique MASINT sensors, typically working in different regions or domains of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as infrared or magnetic fields.

Targeting is an output of the process of developing collection requirements: Real-world transmitters and receivers usually are directional. However, sometimes computers cannot process and analyze information to assist people in better understanding. New gods will arise, as mysterious and familiar as the old.

However, it can turn out to be a big problem if people use it in an improper way. Information from the spectrum analyzer is then used to tune receivers to signals of interest.

Once the decision to target is made, the various interception points need to cooperate, since resources are limited. How technology has changed intelligence collection By Mark Pomerleau Apr 22, The Global Hawk is one prominent source of signals intelligence.

Bythis process will likely have begun. It can also lead to a dead-ended search in some way. Specifically, the targets are as follows: Signal detection[ edit ] Even if a signal is human communications e. While silicon-based technologies are increasingly capable of simulating a mammalian or even human brain, we have little idea of how to find the tiny subset of all possible programs running on this hardware that would exhibit intelligent behavior.

Human intelligence (HUMINT) is defined as any information that can be gathered from human sources. The National Clandestine Service (NCS) is the branch of the CIA responsible for the collection of HUMINT. Human vs Computer Intelligence Posted by michael on Tuesday December 10, @PM from the humanconf dept.

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DrLudicrous writes "The NYTimes is running an article regarding tests devised to differentiate from human and computer intelligence. This is a list of intelligence gathering disciplines. HUMINT.

List of intelligence gathering disciplines

Human intelligence—gathered from a person in the location in question. Espionage; Friendly accredited diplomats; Military attachés; Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) Patrolling (Military police, patrols, etc.) ELINT—Electronic Intelligence: gathered from electronic.

Drones versus human intelligence – advantages and disadvantages The use of unmanned drones means that pilots do not have to enter dangerous conflict zones. It is argued that drones are more precise and can target areas with greater precision.

Scientific intelligence and, in particular, ELINT, or electronic intelligence, had its start in England immediately before World War II. Early in the British Committee for the Scientific Study of Air Defense first drew attention to Britain's ignorance of new German weapons.

Intelligence Versus Iq. Topics: Intelligence quotient, Intelligence, Genetics Pages: 3 ( words) Published: November 16, Discuss the evidence for the genetic and environmental contributions to individual intelligence, and explain what psychologists mean by the heritability of intelligence.

Genetic contribution to intelligence does.

Electronic intelligence versus human intelligence
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