Country traditional costumes

Mam is the first language, not Spanish, and the clothing for men in particular is brilliantly distinctive — red-and-white striped trousers, black woollen breeches, embroidered shirts and straw hats. A silk sash is always worn by both men and women.

In the second part the butler was transformed into a schoolmaster calling the pupil's roll.

Traditional costumes of Panama and some Central & South American countries

Negue Jadin This character, which is now extinct, goes back to the pre-emancipation era. A short section of the hairy part of the cow's tail was attached to the seat of the breeches.

Visit for the All Saints fiesta to see Todos Santos culture in all its glory, in particular the frenetic horse race that starts the festivities. Myanmar Originally from Mongolia, the Padaung tribe has since moved to Myanmar, near the border with Thailand.

Women tend to wear cloths in the shoulders, which are rectangular pieces of hand-woven fabric.

Folk costume

One such mask is a 6 meter 20 feet long wooden pole carved out of an entire tree branch. From the seventeenth century onwards they developed as the main item of dress for men and woman, and a means of expression for the individual wearer.

A haughty butler introduced arriving couples, after which a stately dance was performed while a slave gaped through a window at the proceedings.

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Bowler hats, Bolivia Think bowler hats and the first person who springs to mind is an English city gent — Mr Banks from Mary Poppins perhaps. We are truly thankful for the many people who talk about us to their friends, fellow entertainers, theater directors, school teachers, theme party hosts and anyone else who loves vintage clothing and costumes.

An example of gala is the dress with wide skirt which is filled with flowers of different colors and they are hand embroidered with silk thread. Their dress crystallised into so-called "typical" forms, and enthusiasts adopted that attire as part of their symbolism.

Ordinary shoes can also be adapted by the use of long socks, metal claws and a second sole. The female costume of the typical Antioquia consists of a long black skirt with some colorful prints, a white blouse and hat, all decorated with many flowers and embroidery.

Pierrot Grenade supposedly from neighbouring Grenada inherited his predecessor's love of oratory speaking. Male singers and the musicians wore yellow breeches, maroon shirts with billowing sleeves tight at the wrist, a sash around the waist and red beret.

From the age of 15, girls have their lower lip cut by an elder and held open by a wooden plug until it heals. Our Goal Dallas Vintage Shop strives to supply costumes and vintage clothing for any decade, any century, and any class of persons.

One of their favourite disguises was that of the Negue Jadin or field slave. All designs are copies from original costumes exposed in the most popular museums of the country. To impress and intimidate their adversaries they paint their faces bright yellow, white and red with elaborate wigs made out of their own hair intertwined with colored feathers and other indigenous materials.

Our customers are the most wonderful and diverse people.

National Costumes of the World Gallery

With around 50, individuals, these people live in a couple of villages, deep inside the jungle, near the Salween River. The Pierrot Grenade gown consists of crocus bag burlapon which strips of coloured cloth, small tins containing pebbles, and small boxes that rattle, are attached.

The apron protects the dress of the friction of the basket and the humidity of the honey flowing from the ripe coffee grain. There are epaulettes on each shoulder, a red sash across the chest, a crown on the masquerader's head, cords, medals and war ribbons on the left side of the chest and a walking stick in his hand.

Other kinds of Indians that are disappearing are generally known as Wild Indians. In addition to this outfit, the charro carries also a belt, a sword, a gun, a rope, and spurs.

Following the outbreak of romantic nationalismthe peasantry of Europe came to serve as models for all that appeared genuine and desirable. Dating back from the 17th century, they are a dance-drama, known for their complex make-up and elaborate costumes. We have asked our customers and supporters to back us in this effort and they have.

10 Outstanding Traditional Costumes around the World

Indian state costumes are exclusive to the region and the culture of the particular state and vary to a great extent. Each Indian state has their traditional costumes and attires that are deeply rooted in the history,religion, tradition, customs and culture of the specific state.

Costumes and jewellery of Rajasthan have a distinctive style. Know more about traditional Rajasthan costumes, dresses and jewellery. Welcome to The Dallas Vintage Clothing Store and Costume Shop. Please keep in mind that the thousands of images on this website are are costumes.

Every region of the country has its own different traditions and costumes, but ultimately belonging to the same people. On the first day of every year, the Babugeri come out in the town of Bansko in South West Bulgaria, celebrating the arrival of the New Year.

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Ancient Egyptian costume history. Decoration and coloring

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Country traditional costumes
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