Breed specific legislation

When no owner comes forward, we find stray dogs loving new families — but banned types of dog are denied this happy ever after.

ASPCA Policy and Position Statements

And, in the event that a dog has caused injury or damage in the past, and the dog is sold or otherwise rehomed, the owner should notify the new owner in writing that the dog has injured or damaged in the past, so the new owner can take appropriate precautions as well.

By regulating the behavior, state and local officials can be most effective in using their resources to keep their communities safe from truly "dangerous dogs," without infringing on the freedoms of dog owners whose animals are singled out solely because of an American Kennel Club designation. Dog owners do not receive fair notice from the ordinance of the conduct proscribed or the dog "types" covered by the law.

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)

The incidence of bites from pit bull-type dogs declined, of course, because there were fewer dogs of that type in the region. If you took a survey of groomers and veterinarians, I'm sure you'd find an overwhelming majority of them would tell you that the small, "cutesy" dogs that people generally hold as harmless are the dogs that give them the most trouble.

Let's have a 3-strikes and you're out law for people who refuse to keep their dogs under control. BSL doesn't work because it is purely predjudicial in nature. While Pit Bulls are not the only breed of dog which can be dangerous or vicious, it is reasonable to single out the breed to anticipate and avoid the dangerous aggressiveness which Breed specific legislation be undetectable in a Pit Bull.

No material on this website may be duplicated in whole or in part without express written permission from the author. It must also be considered that if limited animal control resources are used to regulate or ban a certain breed of dog, the focus is shifted away from routine, effective enforcement of laws that have the best chance of making communities safer: For example, in a decision, the Kansas Supreme Court held that an ordinance regulating the ownership of pit bulls within the city was permissible.

Increasing public education efforts is significant because it helps address the root cause of the problem irresponsible dog owners.

When there is no evidence to suggest that banned types of dog pose any additional threat to the public than legal types of dog, asking these people to go against their professional judgement to a enforce a law which kills healthy animals takes a serious emotional toll; particularly for those who are so involved with caring for the dog.

The court made the following findings of fact when it determined the village showed that pit bull terriers are uniquely dangerous and therefore, are proper subjects of the village's police power for the protection of the public's health and welfare: Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company Inc.

Nothing in this Act shall be held to limit in any manner the power of any municipality or other political subdivision to prohibit animals from running at large, nor shall anything in this Act be construed to, in any manner, limit the power of any municipality or other political subdivision to further control and regulate dogs, cats or other animals in such municipality or other political subdivision provided that no regulation or ordinance is specific to breed.

This is why Blue Cross is today calling on the government to repeal breed specific legislation. The attacks have occurred in a variety of situations: American Pit Bull Terriers:. Breed specific legislation (BSL), also referred to as breed discriminatory legislation (BDL), is a law or ordinance that prohibits or restricts the keeping of dogs of specific breeds, dogs presumed to be specific breeds, mixes of specific breeds, and/or dogs presumed to be mixes of one or more of those breeds.

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A list of Arkansas cities and counties with breed-specific legislation, breed-specific pit bull ordinances and regulations for dangerous dog breeds. 10 hours ago · PARMA, Ohio -- Opponents of breed-specific legislation spoke at Monday's City Council meeting in hopes of persuading officials to lift the city's pit bull ban.

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Breed Specific Legislation and Dog Bites